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Why Your Dog Is Eating So Fast, and How to Slow Them Down

There are different reasons a dog might eat too quickly, and understanding the cause, in some cases, can help you create the solution.

There are underlying medical conditions that may cause your dog to speed eat.
Competition over food with other pets in the home can drive dogs to eat quickly.  
Some theorize that eating fast comes down to your dog’s ancestry. When dogs had to scavenge for their food,eating quickly decreased the likelihood of not eating at all. For some dogs, this instinct has stayed through the generations.

Effects of Eating Too Fast

A dog that eats too fast is at higher risk for problems such as:
·Digestive upset (vomiting)
·Swallowing air, which can lead to abdominal discomfort
·Potential for bloat (gastric dilatation-volvulus)

While it is possible your dog just likes to eat, encouraging him to take his time can help to ward off issues associated with eating too quickly. 

Tips for When Your Dog Eats Too Fast
If you have a dog that eats too fast, take a moment to assess the situation. Making some minor adjustments can make a huge difference in your pet’s dining habits. 

Remove competition—Some pets may view other animals in the home as potential threats to their meal,causing them to gobble it down as fast as they can. Try feeding your pets separately or even in separate   rooms to help this problem. 

Ensure good nutrition—A pet who is lacking in the proper nutrients will often have an increased appetite.
Be sure that you are feeding a quality, well balanced diet in the appropriate quantity. 

Multiple Small Meals—Think about feeding your dog 4–5 times a day rather than just once or twice.
Although your dog may still speed eat, you lessen the risk of bloat.

Consider changing it up—you can hand feed your dog over a few minutes.Although labor-intensive but good for bonding,training and slowing down the speed eater

Special Food Bowls—Look for slow feeder bowls to help make it a little more difficult to gobble down dinner.