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Dog Grooming Tips

Oral Care

Dogs who don’t clean their teeth for a long time will develop: dental plaque, gingivitis, dental calculus, and bad breath. In severe cases, it can lead to poor appetite, listlessness, and premature tooth loss.
Use tooth cleaning water and tooth cleaning sticks to brush your teeth every day. If the calculus and plaque are severe, it is recommended to go to the hospital to have your teeth cleaned.

Mouth Hair Clean
Use pet-specific wipes to wipe your dog's mouth and dry it after walking and eating.

Eye Care
Common problems: Dry eyes, redness of the whites of the eyes, obvious tear stains, inverted eyelashes leading to eye inflammation and tearing
Wipe clean around the eyes and both sides of the nose with a wet wipe
Dogs with dry and unclean eyes can use some eye-cleansing drops
If your eyes are inflamed, have hoarfrost, or have serious symptoms such as third eyelid bulging, you need to seek medical attention promptly.

Ear Care
Don't clean your dog's ears too frequently or deeply to avoid causing irritation, and be careful not to insert anything into your dog's ear canals - probing inside can cause trauma or infection!
If your dog's inner ears look dirty, clean them with a cotton ball or gauze moistened with mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, or a liquid ear cleaner specially formulated for this purpose.
Be sure to remove dirt and earwax rather than rubbing it into your ears.

Hair Care
Comb along the hair with a pet brush
Bath regularly, once a week in summer, once every two weeks in spring and autumn, and once every three weeks in winter, but some dogs may need more frequent baths if he or she spends a lot of time outdoors or has skin problems.
Clean your anal glands before bathing
Dilute the bath solution before washing your dog, being careful not to spray or pour the water directly into his ears, eyes or nose. Be sure to blow dry after washing
Finally, the foot pads should also be cleaned, and long hair and nails should be trimmed.

This livekey pet hair dryer can comb the hair while drying it.